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technical services, as the company's external window, is responsible for the company's customers to provide technical advice, support metallurgical processes, equipment tune security, service and equipment maintenance of large packages, etc., is one of the core team of the company.
technical services division was established in 2006, relying on the care of the company's excellent platforms and leadership, grow with the company, for our customers to provide technical services for the company to build a strong core competitiveness and lay a good foundation for the company to establish a competition in the industry advantage. technical services and efficient service and thriving sectors closely linked to the prosperity of the entire company's ongoing efforts.
1, staffing and technical strength

technical services department has a strong team of technical service force, existing departmental staff of more than 95 percent of college degree or above, including 5 chief engineer, deputy chief engineer 11 people, and more than 90 percent of department employees have 5 year or more of work experience and technical services of the company. all employees undergo a rigorous training after the job evaluation, through continuous learning and standardized management, the department's staff according to needs of the market is divided into electromagnetic stirring eastern area, southern area, the western area, the northern area, and conventional electromagnetic, high-voltage frequency, tundish metallurgy process analysis projects and other major groups. we work with customers to establish a one to one communication mechanism, so 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on standby duty service mechanism to provide a solid guarantee for the sustainable development of the company. standardization of the company's services in the forefront of the industry, we can say that the whole sector is in the technology industry metallurgy most powerful, most staffing neat technical service department.

technical services the main responsibilities include: to protect the company's technical service (technical advice, technical exchanges, metallurgical processes, equipment installation and after-sales service and maintenance of equipment big bag) optimization; steel enterprises to provide decision support customer projects; new companies product demonstration and promotion; provide technical support for the company's various departments; running supervise the company's business processes; focus on new technologies. with the rapid development of the company's customers a higher level of steel prices and demand for technical services, technical services will provide more in-depth services at a higher broader level, the company's technical service department to the forefront.
2, our footprint

in recent years, the company leading domestic market share was maintained between 50-70%, basically replace foreign products, the national cumulative foreign exchange savings of 20 billion yuan, the products are exported to canada, brazil, saudi arabia, india, southeast asia, countries and regions, the pace of our technology and services closely follow the footsteps of our products, we reached russia, turkey, iran, saudi arabia, oman, india, vietnam, brazil and othercountries.

3, our commitment
our services are: fast, professional and accurate, thorough, to ensure that the advanced nature of the equipment, reliability and stability, while constantly improving the quality of services, from pre-sale to after-sales communication, delivery, installation and commissioning all aspects of training, equipment maintenance and management to ensure that customers get the best service to win customers at ease and satisfied with the quality of service. not only do we want to follow the pace with the times, but also with the actual development and the situation of the company, will be "first-class electromagnetic metallurgical equipment market and establish a service platform ahead" as our code of conduct, so as to enhance and tap their potential to lead the industry, leading the market purposes.
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