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the company produced electromagnetic stirrer nearly 20 species, representing nearly all the world's different mounting positions and different structural types of products. wherein the crystallization is built inside the cold water, mold built independent external cooling water, high magnetic field of electromagnetic stirring roll represents the world advanced level electromagnetic stirrer are patented products.
first, according to the installation location category:
* built-in mold ems: ems is placed inside and outside the water jacket middle mold, mold shell and water contact, along with the vibration of the mold.
advantages: not overflow steel impact; small power consumption, operating economy (consumption less than equivalent external half); metallurgical good effect.
disadvantages: replacement of mold ems must move together; in the case of multiple strand section, the required large amount of spare parts.
* mold external ems: ems set in outer water mold, the mold is completely separated from the water, it can not vibrate along with the mold.
advantages: when replacing the mold ems may fixed and convenient; requires less spare parts, especially for the strand section more cases still can not replace the ems, with taiwan ems accommodate multiple strand section.
disadvantages: damage vulnerable to overflow steel impact; large power, not economic; metallurgy as effective as a good built-in.
* secondary cooling zone ems: slab caster installed in the solidification rate is not 40% -60% of the area, mainly for slab continuous casting electromagnetic stirring.
* the solidification ems: slab caster installed in non-solidified rate of 25% -35% of the area, commonly used in electromagnetic high-carbon steel, high alloy steel and stainless steel stirred.
second, according to the characteristics of the coil category:
copper tube winding cold water: outsourcing brass coil insulation layer around the system, the cooling water flows through the cooling copper pipe from the inside.
advantage: insulation layer is not in contact with water, the insulation can be kept constant, long service life; at the same stirring power, may take a higher operating voltage and reduced operating current, power consumption is small; very uniform direct cooling, cooling the effect is very good, so that the cooling water is small, only the equivalent flat line winding 1/5 to 1/6 ;. earth leakage current, in line with national safety standards.
disadvantages: the production of more complex processing requirements of the joint high; slightly larger size; higher production costs.

external cooling water flat line winding: coils outsourcing insulated water flat copper wire wound solenoid, directly immersed in water for cooling.
advantages: simple production; smaller volumes; lower production costs.
disadvantages: the insulation decreases with time, life is short; uneven cooling, and requires a large amount of cooling water; earth leakage current, unsafe; core also must be soaked in water together with cooling, rust serious, causing cooling water secondary pollution.
third, according to the characteristics of the core category:
* "e" shaped core: circular structure, including a round face evenly distributed six teeth and slots.
advantages: peripheral seamless magnetic; line trap mounted on the tooth to facilitate fixed to the housing.
disadvantages: because alveolar, local magnetic field large teeth, small local magnetic field slot, the internal magnetic field inhomogeneity, low stirring efficiency; the presence of alveolar mfl, large internal magnetic flux leakage.
* toroidal: polygonal ring structure, no cogging.
advantages: no alveolar structure, internal magnetic field uniformity, internal magnetic flux leakage small, high mixing efficiency; more uniform distribution of the coil, the short end of the stretch, and thus the height of the core higher (than the "e" shaped core high about 30%), effective long operating range and better stirring effect.
disadvantages: peripheral coil, thus the presence of a peripheral magnetic flux leakage, must take the peripheral magnetic shielding technology improvements; not easy and the housing is fixed, must be treated with a high-performance silicone potting, and thus a higher production cost.
by winding copper tube water cooled ems and flat line winding outside cold water ems contrast, we believe that respect in terms of mixing effect, mixing efficiency, service life, in line with national safety standards, electricity, water, and other investment systems, brass water winding within the ems than cold water flat line winding outside cold ems have a clear advantage, water cooled copper tube winding ems will be the development direction of the ems.
our company started in 1998 domestic development, spent 2 years to complete the localization in 2000, then such a mature technology in an external mold, mold built, solidification and the end of the slab ems, and extended to dozens of domestic steel companies, the praise by the user.
fourth, the slab secondary cooling zone electromagnetic stirring category:
* roller wave underwent magnetic field type:
after electromagnetic stirrer roller mounted at the rear segments bearing rollers from billet center around 200-300mm. since the distance between the slab very far, but also through a magnetic field to the front of a row of steel rollers, the large magnetic field decay. only use ultra-low frequency power supply. thus, since the magnetic field of the slab reaches the already small, or very low frequency magnetic waves, electromagnetic force is small.
* plug-pole magnetic field traveling wave type:
the head is designed to work long and thin, so that the backup roll into the slit while the design on both sides of the backing roll into small diameter rollers, to leave a larger gap. this structure taking into account the characteristics of the type and structure of the roll after roll in making ems face close as possible under the premise of the slab, without limiting the installation space ems, so stirring force can be designed to be large.
* roller type traveling wave magnetic field (electromagnetic stirring roll):
the long axis of the sensor made of shape, size and shape mounted caster as large as a conventional non-magnetic support rollers special roller sleeve, the roller sleeve rotates with the moving slab work. electromagnetic stirring roller rolls due to limitations in the installation space that is, if the previous conventional design, the magnetic field strength is small. the use of high magnetic field of the electromagnetic company invented the patented technology of stirring roller thrust its roll center can be reached pole insertion electromagnetic stirrer standard of 80mmfe. if a plurality of pairs of rollers used in combination with stirring, stirring fully able to adapt to various kinds of steel.
radius blank electromagnetic stirring selection table:
types of

characteristics of toroidal
brass winding
built annular core mold
brass winding
external e word mold core
flat wire winding
built e word mold core
flat wire winding
mold external toroidal
brass winding
the solidification e word core
flat wire winding
the solidification
metallurgical best good good fair good fair
usually the longest life long long long short
economic operation of tons of steel per ton 1-2 1-3 2-4 degrees per ton of 3-5 degrees per ton of steel per ton of 3-5 degrees per ton of 2-4 degrees
easy installation and maintenance more convenient more convenient convenience is more convenient more convenient
less demand for spare parts are generally more general and less more
complex structure is more complex than the simple complex simple complex
minimum cooling water is generally less how much more
the cheapest prices are generally more expensive less expensive more expensive ships
large minimum volume smaller larger larger ships

slab secondary cooling zone of electromagnetic stirring selection table:
roll after roll-type magnetic insert
number of sensors consisting of four two pairs of rolls opposed two pairs form a one-sided installation
sensor electromagnetic windings with flat copper wire wound, kelan mu-style with brass around the system, kelan mu-style with brass wound, wound diego
sensor housing material requires high temperature, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength, high temperature, non-magnetic, corrosion resistance, high temperature, non-magnetic, corrosion-resistant
cooling water-cooled copper within the copper tube outer cooling water cooling copper pipes
electromagnetic force 80mmfe 100mmfe 35mmfe
metallurgical best general effect is good
long long long life
economic operation of tons of steel per ton 1-2 4-6 2-3 degrees per ton of
more convenient installation and maintenance easy and convenient
less and less demand for more spare parts
on caster requires almost no changes need to change the structure of the caster roll segments need to change the structure of column segments structure

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