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lmo series is a new product developed, with the world's advanced level of the nineties, to fill a gap in our country. it uses a three-phase full-controlled bridge rectifier, through the control of the trigger pulse to obtain the required dc output voltage of the rectifier is ideal for lifting electromagnet control equipment.
the series with the contactor controlled rectifier equipment is relatively similar with the following characteristics:
1, using thyristor control forward and reverse field, eliminating the dc contactor, extended equipment life.
2, as long as the change in voltage phase shift, can be easily changed to constant voltage control mode and voltage control mode adjustable.
3, reverse demagnetization discharge circuit is not used, but the amount of functional release electromagnet feedback network, so that both energy and reduce heating device.
4, reverse demagnetization current is turned off, without time relay control, and is controlled by the current detection method, discharge neat.
5, having a voltage negative feedback circuit, the output voltage stability.
6, with phase sequence detection and over-current protection circuit, safe and reliable.
7, small size, light weight, small footprint, easy to install.

selection and considerations
1, the output voltage of the electromagnet rated voltage of the rectifier control equipment match.
2, the electromagnet power rating less than or equal to the rectification control equipment rated output power. 

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