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mr. li aiwu selected 2015 annual enjoy special government allowances experts -pg电子竞技平台

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recently, the company director mr. li aiwu in "enjoy special government allowances experts," the annual selection in 2015, after a rigorous screening and assessment council was selected.
mr. li aiwu cppcc committee yueyang city, hunan province, model workers, the national chairman of the electromagnetic industry standardization technical committee, china society for metals continuous casting branch committee member, hunan electrotechnical society. he has participated in the national "seven five", "eight five", "nine five" major scientific and technological issues developed in which "nine five" key issues through the national science and technology commission identification (kam word [jc] no. 9,902,038 scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate), and a number of key technologies to obtain national science and technology award, provincial and municipal. he presided over the development of nearly 20 patents (including a dozen patents and utility model patents), he was awarded the national science and technology progress award (large-scale integrated enterprise electrical energy-saving technologies and key applications), chinese patent prize (two-phase inverter power system and its integrated control method), national science and technology invention award second prize (metallurgy special power supply system and its key technology and equipment applications), china federation of machinery industry science and technology progress award a prize (metallurgy special high-power power electronic conversion topology and control method and its application), five provincial awards. he is actively involved in academic research and theory of electromagnetic stirring technology, with a "continuous casting with electromagnetic stirring theory and techniques," a book by the metallurgical industry publishing house (2012), in the electromagnetic field of metallurgy has published 10 professional papers more than articles.
under the leadership of mr. li aiwu and organizations, we have developed a number of new products and new technologies - a high magnetic field slab secondary cooling zone electromagnetic stirring roller, large enterprise integrated key technologies of electrical energy-saving, two-phase inverter power system, metallurgy special large power supply system key technology, metallurgy special high-power electronic power conversion topology, high magnetic separator, energy saving permanent magnet electromagnet, billet tundish heating technology and quality testing devices. many of the products and technology to fill the gaps, creating a chinese national brand casting electromagnetic stirring, the overall performance and the results in the world advanced level. mr. li aiwu to increase domestic electromagnetic technology, improve product quality and competitiveness, improve the quality and image of the company, have made outstanding contributions.
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