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october 27, shanghai university, professor di qijie line to communicate about the company pulse current and pulse magnetic oscillation induced solidification structure refinement and homogenization techniques, professor qu team has a pedestrian on the company to visit showrooms and workshops, general manager of the company liu yi, yao wave marketing director, operations director xu zhonghua and so the reception and to attend the forums.

professor zhai qijie shanghai university academic leaders of metallurgical disciplines, engaged in material processing and iron and steel metallurgy teaching, research hysteresis pulse oscillation metallurgy solidification technology is cutting-edge technology at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation, the technology by pulse current in the coil, at the beginning of the nuclear shape so shaped wall off nuclei, proliferation, increase equiaxed rate, reduce carbon segregation products in baosteel, the soviet steel conducted a long-term test, and achieved good experimental results.

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