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vice mayor chen hui qing inspectors to visit the company research-pg电子竞技平台

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march 16, deputy mayor chen hui qing yueyang city, yueyang city economic and information technology commission yan qinghua and city leaders chen yue hung, lee completed, ding leadership should be to visit the company and military research. over the new leadership of the company, liu yi, xu zhonghua, zhang zuoliang, yao and other personally received waves. a pedestrian visited the company plant located in the state of magnetic equipment and test center, research and development building hall. city leaders in technology research and development company electromagnetic steel metallurgical industry and advanced manufacturing processes to be fully affirmed, especially for intermediate high-tech new product package electromagnetic induction heating and refining equipment, multi-mode plate bad casting mold electromagnetic stirring and flow control technology to be highly valued. then also conference room for as long as a half-hour forum, company executives full participation, ms. yu, chairman of the new company work personally report to the leadership the city for past, present and future direction of the company made a detailed introduction.
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